Are You Ready to Connect with Other Faith Filled Women?

They are here in the Sister City Circles and they are waiting for you...

Sister City Circles 

An online community of like minded women from around the nation. What began as a safe space to commune in the midst of a pandemic, has emerged into a unique community of leaders, entrepreneurs, change agents, and dynamic individuals! A group of women ready to build a network with purpose, through inspiration, connection, and faith.

Join Us!

Welcome My Sister

We're here to help you build your tribe with like minded, faith filled women, from around the world! It's time to take your seat at the table. From comfy and cozy to chic and minimalist, learn how to master the small details of your life leading to a big difference.

Let's create a life that reflects His gift and that's 100% you.

Welcome to Q4 where the theme is Business Rules for Women

Does This Sound Familiar? 

  • I find it increasingly difficult for me to find safe havens, especially among other women
  • I am ready to expand my professional network, but no clue where to begin
  • I know this can't be all there is for me
  • I am ready to have that deeper relationship with God, but is He ready for me
  • I don't fit in, but know my tribe is out there
  • I want a safe space to grow in all areas of my life


Match your life and space with how God designed you to spend your destiny. 

What does it mean to make God your CEO? Let's answer the question together!


Learn to create motivational movements, wherever you may roam.

It's time to prioritize and move your goals into motion.


It is possible to build a career you love!

Show me the money! Well, it all begins with making it, this for you.

Bonus Experiences

Special guests, laser coaching, and messages of inspiration

A chance to take the SCC with you! Plus a chance to be a part of the SCC Mastermind!


I appreciate the spiritual element flowing through your coaching method.

Meet Your Coach:

Dr. Laci C. Robbins  

  • Long time executive leader and business owner
  • Co-Founder/Principal, Robbins’ Nest Consulting, LLC
  • International Coaching Federation Certified CaPP Institute
    • Personal Success/Development Coach
  • Meyers-Brigg Temperament Inventory Certified Practitioner
  • Career Advancement Specialist
  • Supportive Sensational Wife
  • Proud Bonus Mom x2
  • Believer
I'm Ready

What rules will you choose to live by? 

Meet Your Coach:

Coach Maya Feemster-Jones

  • Corporate Coach for major non-profits
  • International Coaching Federation Certified Coach through CaPP Institute
    • Personal Success/Development Coach
    • Corporate & Executive Coach
    • Organizational Leadership Coach
  • Founder of Ivy League Coaching & Company
  • Grant Writer
  • Fabulous Wife
  • Proud Mother x 2….Proud Bonus Mom x2
  • Believer
Reserve My Seat

Spiritual Module

Understanding yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective to aid you in leading a more meaningful life.

Topics to tackle Include:
o God is my CEO Part 1

o God is my CEO Part 2


Physical Module

Exploration of internal and external barriers that keep you from living your best life.

Topics to Tackle Include:
o It's About Time!
o Are You Branded or Did you Brand it?
o Flawless

Professional Module 

Preparation for process and placement into your thriving career, not just getting a job, but landing the job.

Topics to tackle Include:
o Budgeting: Secure the Bag
o The Negotiation Formula

o Setting the Table                        

What's one thing you can do today, just for you? 


Nora S.

I am moving some friends out the door and moving forward by remaining focused as God has directed me.

Consider the Power of Coaching!

 Set attainable goals
 Create plans of action
 Clarify your purpose
 Gain self-confidence
 Deepen Relationships
 Increase Productivity
 Address Limiting Beliefs
 Improve Time Management
 1:1 Accountability
 Increase Motivation
 Build Healthy Habits
 Live with Mindfulness
 Engage and apply new resources

Sister City Circles 2.0

A 3 month journey of Sisterhood Begins









Is Sister City Circles Right for You?

Have you ever been a part of a community of women who are headed in the direction you desire to go?

Women who are not in competition, but desire to be a woman’s champion?

If so, welcome to your door of opportunity!

Sister City Circles is a space co-created for women who seek transformation,
empowerment, and advancement. This platform is designed to facilitate personal development, individualized assessment, group learnings with accountability, and most of all a tribe to celebrate your self-identified goal and achievements!

This space is not for individual shine, but each spark coming together to set ablaze a communal warmth that perpetuates opportunities for others. Are you ready to grow and glow together?

Your coaches and tribe are ready for you, all it takes is a yes in reserving your space with Sister City Circles 2.0.

Yes! I'm Ready

Jennifer J.

Thanks Sister Circle!!!

Cheryl M.

 Ladies, you are dropping some powerful nuggets! [This is] a space and time that is just for me to be able to sit, receive, reflect and leave with some tangible action steps to better myself.

Latoya P.

My story will allow me to forgive myself when I can’t take on anything else. It’s okay for me to take care of myself!

Yes Sister, I'm Ready!