Still Wondering what's next, Yes Sis-- It's Time!

What is the Professional Pivot Project?

A space created for a diverse group of women committed to helping each other thrive.

The Professional Pivot Project is a mastermind, with coaching to accelerate professional and personal growth. You receive structure, exclusive content, and a PowHER Plan to support your individual pursuits and passion. 

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I'm Ready!

I'm Dr. Laci C. Robbins

and trust me when I say, what seems impossible today, is everyday business in your future! 

After working in the same industry for 11 years, I quit and moved to Europe! I returned back to the U.S. a year later, creating my own work-life design, while building local non-profit companies, and two of my own--  all while living my best life!

YES! It is possible to build a career and life you love. 


I loved the intimacy and (size) group to be able to have a good conversation and thought-provoking conversations to make me have deeper understandings of myself and others. 

A Williams, Supply Manager-POS Miller Coors

Professional Development Sessions

8 segments! Each created to teach you how to use "Rule Breaking" as a Strategy for Success. You receive structure, exclusive content and a virtual guide to support your next PowHER moves!

Office Hours 

Have a question? Curious on how to unpack your big idea? Bring it to P3 Office Hours! You don't have to figure it out by yourself... What you give is what you’ll receive and when the tide comes in all boats lift.

Personal Development Sessions

Your mindset is the foundation of everything. Weekly mindset messages serve as a guide and inspiration to a final mind set!  We conclude our mastermind journey together. All members are invited to attend an annual P3 Summit.*


*Summit has additional registration cost.

This is What I've Been Looking For!


I would recommend any woman looking to make a career change or needing guidance on which way to go because of a stalled career, to contact RNC. It truly is as much as you give she will give right on back to you! I definitely feel more confident in my career switch and know that I am on the right path to my goals. I would and have already recommended this program to others and have sung many praises to anyone who asks!  

Dominique D'Antignac, Educator / Trainer

Why Apply to The Professional Pivot Project?

The P3 is for women who seek change in their lives and are willing to support others on their journey.

You set the goals. The P3 is your accountability group that's more intimate than your work colleagues and more objective than friends and family.

Your mastermind participation includes structured gatherings, exclusive content, digital tools, live events with topic experts, and a personal PowHER Plan.

Start your process to practice and discover if P3 is a good fit for you.

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