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Ep. 48 | The Art of Blending Work, Life, and All The Things with Dr. Minesha White


Have you ever wondered if failure is a part of success? *Spoiler Alert* it is, but sometimes our emotions and mindset can get in the way. Enter Dr. Minesha White the impact coach. In this Life at the Table Segment, learn the art of blending work, life, and all the things. Listen to this episode on Spotify or Apple iTunes-- just in time for the mid-year reset!

Resources to Go from Process to Practice:

Self- Care Guide Opt In:  https://drlaci.mykajabi.com/pl/128917

PowHer Your Promotion Faster: https://www.robbinsnestconsulting.com/offers/L89bnn8c 

Offered From Our Guest:


[email protected]

Meet Dr. Minesha White ...

As a wife, mom and C.E.O of her own business(es), Dr. White understands first-hand the seemingly impossible challenge of harmonizing the many roles of a leader and believes that every individual has the capacity to obtain a true state of peace while leading life simpler, not harder.

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