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Ep. 55 | Business Rules for Women to Break 3: Sis Sorry, Not Sorry

Do you find yourself apologizing for someone else's error? How about when someone else bumps into you, do you apologize or do they?
If you use sorry too much, believe it or not, it could actually be hurting your appearance with others, as well as your individual confidence! In this episode from the Business Rules for Women to Break, we begin to unpack WHY women say, "I'm sorry" so much, but more importantly how you can identify your trends and most importantly, how it can be changed! Listen now on Spotify or Apple iTunes and be sure and share with another Lady Leader you know who is ready to adjust.
Joining You in Success,
Dr. Laci
Mentioned in this episode:
Why women apologize more than men: gender differences in thresholds for perceiving offensive behavior https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20855900/
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