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BONUS: Group Coaching for the WIN!

Guess What Sis,
My first experience in working with a coach was via a group! And you know what-- it was awesome. I didn't know what to expect, but now I can't imagine my business without having a coach! If you have ever been curious about the ins and outs of group coaching, listen on Apple iTunes or Spotify to this special Robbins' Revelations, where I offer the 6 Benefits of Group Coaching. Plus, the reminder about Sister City Circles Quarter 4 which has limited seats available and starts later this month!
From process to practice grab your stilettos and let's go,
Dr. Laci
Mentioned in this episode:
Coach Maya: https://www.ivyleaguecoachingandco.org/about-maya.html
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Ep. 39 | Hubby Alert: 7 Things Learned as a Quarantine Cutie

This episode is filled with laughs and revelations! Once again, BOSS Pastor Robbins has joined the Life at the Table, for a special Robbins' Revelations. We are sharing the top three things we learned from 74 Days in Quarantine, safer inside, plus listen until the end as we both share the number 1 revelation for couples to have a healthy marriage. Start by listening on Apple iTunes or Spotify This one should be shared with a friend and please consider offering a 5-star review. 

From process to practice grab your stilettos and let's go!

Dr. Laci

Mentioned in this episode:

 Suite Life Social: https://www.robbinsnestconsulting.com/social 

Resources to Go from Process to Practice:

Goal Getter Worksheet: https://drlaci.mykajabi.com/pl/135214

Offered From Our Guest:



Meet ...

Pastor Wayne Aaron Robbins, Sr. has traveled the country extensively proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The...

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Ep. 18 | Before We Move Forward

Every step forward begins with a foot firmly rooted in the past... welcome to 2020! In this episode, I am sharing my top 6 lessons learned from the past decade and what's in store for the year ahead.
The year is just beginning, so be sure and grab the replay of the Virtual Vision Board Party by visiting here. And as I mentioned, registration is open and available for the Spring Edition of the Suite Life Social on April 10th, seats are limited and can be found here. Finally, download my free Essential Reading List for Leaders here.
Ladies, settle in and consider what you would add-- listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast.
From process to practice, grab your stilettos and let's go!
Dr. Laci
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Ep. 15 | Here Comes the Sun


Welcome to a mini-episode of the Grace Over Grind Podcast called Robbins' Revelations. When's the last time you watched the sunrise? Listen to this episode for six benefits of watching the sunrise on Apple or Spotify

Download the free Self-Care Guide for Leaders

From process to practice grab your stilettos and let's go!

Dr. Laci

P.S. Number 6 is definitely number 1 for me.

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