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Ep. 42 | Be a Better Ally Part 3 with Dr. LaVon Bracy


I recorded this episode over a month before the racial unrest and the murder of George Floyd. Dr. Bracy shares the power of change in the midst of racial unrest. Ironically, she is speaking to experiences over 50 years ago, yet somehow it could be as though she is speaking to the events of today. Dr. Bracy is a gem in the African American community, living history, and offers more ideas and tips on how we all can Be a Better Ally and Activist! Tune in now and listen via Spotify or Apple iTunes.

From process to practice, grab your stilettos, and let's go!

Dr. Laci

Mentioned in this episode:


Brave Little Cookie

Register to Vote in Your Town: https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote

Resources to Go from Process to Practice:

PowHer Your Promotion Faster: https://www.robbinsnestconsulting.com/offers/L89bnn8c 


LaVon Wright Bracy is a native of Boynton Beach, Florida and the daughter of
the late Reverend Thomas A Wright Sr and Affie Mae Wright....

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