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Ep. 43 | The Mid-Year Reset with Coach Maya


Have you ever felt like you are on the same path-- to no where? Well, Coach Maya breaks down the benefits of appreciating our right now. Key starting points to begin, yep, *spoiler alert* it's in your mind. We also discuss the benefits of working with a certified coach and how such support is a great first step to your mid-year reset. Thanks for listening and please consider offering a 5-star review of Apple iTunes or Spotify. From process to practice, grab your stilettos, and let's go!

Dr. Laci

Mentioned in this episode:

PowHer Your Promotion Faster: https://www.robbinsnestconsulting.com/offers/L89bnn8c  

Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels 

Resources to Go from Process to Practice:

Goal Getter Worksheet Opt In: https://drlaci.mykajabi.com/pl/135214

Offered From Our Guest:

Meet Our Guest:

Maya Feemster-Jones is a life strategist, executive coach, non-profit innovator, corporate & faith-based trainer, motivational speaker, and amazing catalyst for...

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