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Ep. 61 | You're About to Stress Your Edges Away

advancement financial literacy stress management Apr 01, 2021
If you're worried about money, you're not alone. Money is a common source of stress for American adults. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), 72% of adults report feeling stressed about money, whether it's worrying about paying rent or feeling bogged down by debt. April is Financial Literacy Month AND Stress Awareness Month. Catch up on the latest in the Robbins' Nest....Take a listen as I share 4 Tips you can use to help experience less stress about your money!
You got this!
Dr. Laci
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A Little About Me:
I am Dr. Laci C. Robbins the co-Founder and Principal Consultant of Robbins’ Nest Consulting. As an award-winning leader, personal development strategist, and consultant to businesses the goal remains to support topics such as workplace civility and talent retention, as well as to support high powered women to build a platform and make more money. With both a Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree in Leadership, I help you go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice!
I'm glad you are here, from process to practice, grab your stilettos and let’s go!
Dr. Laci

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