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Ep. 51 | I Quit: Gracefully Resigning 3 of 4, How to Leave a Job You Hate


Are you ready to walk away from a job that you hate?  This episode is the next part of the I Quit: Gracefully Resigning series. If you are ready to leave a job you hate, be sure to listen to this episode before you do. Find this episode and the full series on Apple iTunes and Spotify.

From process to practice, grab your stilettos, and let's go.

Dr. Laci

Resources to Go from Process to Practice:

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A Little About Me:

Hello friend, I am Dr. Laci C. Robbins. My experience is rooted in the field of education and non-profit management. Over the course of my career, I have been blessed to study at my dear Fisk University, Harvard, and even NASA! And most recently, I have served the local Milwaukee community in my role as an Executive Director for a local non-profit company, winning awards along the way. I quit my job after being a principal for six years and moved to Florence, Italy!

In 2017, my husband and I founded Robbins’ Nest Consulting. The goal remains to consult small and mid-size businesses on topics such as workplace civility and talent retention, as well as to support high powered women to build a platform and make more money. I'm glad you are here, from process to practice, grab your stilettos and let’s go!


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