Hey There!

I'm Dr. Laci

Ready to remain awake in the career of your dreams? Then you're in the right place!

Hey There!

I'm Dr. Laci

Ready to remain awake in the career of your dreams? Then you're in the right place!

Do you hate your job? 

Here's the amazing thing that no one wants to admit, you CAN change it!

I'm Dr. Laci C. Robbins

and trust me when I say, what seems impossible today, is everyday business in your future! 

After working in the same industry for 11 years, I quit and moved to Europe! I returned back to the U.S. a year later, creating my own work-life design, while building local non-profit companies, and two of my own--  all while living my best life!

YES! It is possible to build a career and life you love. 

Meet Dr. Laci

Does this Sound Familiar?

  • Frustrated that you still don't know what you want to be (and you're a grown up)

  • Scared to take the leap and make a career change

  • Overwhelmed by Linked-In and not sure where to start

  • Tired of feeling in competition with the other people around you
  • Lacking Monday Motivation and a bit of your confidence

  • Wondering, "Is this it?!" and worried you are running out of time?

  • Just plain tired of trying to figure it out

Guess What Sis, You're Not Alone-- I've Got You!

PowHER Your Process 

An 8 week Coaching Program

PowHER Your Process is ideal for the mid-to-senior level, $90k+ earning woman, who is ready to accelerate her goals and go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice.

As the C-Suite Strategist, my signature system is rooted in research and grounded in my background and study of neuroscience, specifically metacognitive theory.

A 4-part process will teach you how to compress time through strategic career moves, the creation of a personal brand (to stand out from the rest), and a unique formula to negotiate like the BOSS that you are!

Feel like you will never find the job of your dreams?


Most of my clients are Triple Type-A high achievers! Is that you? Use to long hours, working your way up the corporate ladder, leaping over bias, while squelching underestimations. 

Yet, now the drive and passion to maintain the current pace, has you wondering if you will be able to keep up.  Wondering if you are going to lose yourself and your loved ones along the way.  Maybe you already have...




My sister it's time to express more grace. You are not selfish for wanting to have more self-care, even if that looks like change.

You are within your right to live a life you love and to be in a career that feels like a dream (and no longer a nightmare).

No more delays, this is your time and season to invest in yourself, find the career you always desired and create the ultimate experience of a life you love.  

PowHer Your Process

My Signature Program

PowHER Your Process is right for you if... 
  • You are a mid to senior level female professional looking to make strategic career moves in the next 3-9 months

  • You earn $90k+ and are ready to increase your earning potential (B.K.A. more money)
  • You are tired of being trapped beneath the "glass ceiling" or stuck to the "sticky floor!"
  • You are looking for a system to compress your job search into  career potential
  • You are ready to not only feel the part, look the part, but be the part with amped confidence and a positive mindset
  • You desire to experience a process with more grace and less grind
  • You are a leader and ready to align with an organization that values your knowledge, background, and expertise
  • You are ready to take the journey to the work you love
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J.G., Executive Director

Milwaukee, WI

“I have often been cynical about developing a “personal brand”—maybe I am too ‘granola’— but you taught me that it is deeper than that and my organization needs me to think about it." 

Yes! I am ready...

How Did You Know? Dr. Laci, What Are the Deets?!

PowHER Your Process  is a comprehensive 8-week group coaching program designed to help you create a strategic profession plan that will guide you to your dream career!

Over the course of our time together, gain clarity on your career PowHer Path, determine a PowHer Plan to connect with the right organization, gain the confidence and personal brand with your PowHer Presence, all while learning the skills and resources to negotiate and PowHer Your Pay!

And think, you are not alone, you have other amazing, likeminded women joining the journey... and as they say, When the tide comes in, all boats lift.

Kristin Belkofer, Psychotherapist

CLARA Healing Institute

I used to feel like furthering my formal education would be the only way to be seen as a leader in mental health; in my community. I suffered from impostor syndrome, and I found myself stuck in a frustrating limbo space where I felt ready to grow and invest in myself, but didn’t trust that I had enough “business know-how” to actually make it successful.

After working with Dr. Laci, I now feel ready to take the next step forward in my business endeavor and claim it as my season! I feel like my emotional “dream” is balanced with a logistic reality that is very much rooted in Dr. Laci’s knowledge about business and leadership. 

Thank you for being so accessible and for believing in me when I struggled to believe in myself! Thank you also for holding me accountable and lovingly “calling me out” if I was using qualifiers or falling into limiting beliefs.  

I would recommend that anyone who is serious about investing in themselves as leaders and business pioneers add Dr. Laci to their team. She will help you bring your vision to life. 

Client Success is My Goal!

Past clients are making PowHer Moves at each of these organizations. This is the benefit of Career Advancement Coaching. Are you next?

Create a Career and Life You Love!

This 8 Week Course Includes

PowHer Your Path

Module 1

Clarity is Queen!

  • Identify your values and a company that aligns with them
  • Get your mind on the mission of securing a career and life you love
  • Just how to pivot from one career to the next, transferrable skills anyone?
  • Includes a bonus Linked-In audit

PowHer Your Plan

Module 2

It's Time to Work!

  • Your network creates your net worth, learn to work the room like a BOSS
  • Discover the job that is right for YOU and not because THEY say you're a perfect fit
  • Create your strategic PowHer Path 
  • Resume and CV refresh to stand out from the rest and beat the algorithms

PowHer Your Presence

Module 3

Believe Your Own Hype, it Starts with a Brand!

  • Move with more grace and less grind through a personal brand across social and personal platforms
  • Learn to showcase yourself, with an elevator pitch that will have them asking for more
  • Tools and techniques to increase confidence and PowHer through the interview 
  • Includes a bonus Lady Leader Look, to create the 360-degree you

PowHer Your Pay

Module 4

Focus on Getting to Yes!

  • Accepting the role, but negotiating first
  • Honest salary offers, how to know if you are TRULY being offered your worth
  • Learn the 5 Steps of the Negotiation Process, that work from the boardroom and beyond
  • Determine if you really want the job and how to gracefully say "No," 
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PowHer Your Process

My Signature Program

Not all women are ready for the next PowHer Move and level of success. Harsh, perhaps, but self-sabotage is a real thing. As a part of our time together, it will also include personal development work and a commitment to yourself and the process. While I have several programs and products to help women at all levels, I’m very specific about the kind of women I work with in this very elite, fast paced, intensive group coaching program.
PowHer Your Process is not right for you if... 
  • You are an entry level female professional 

  • You are not willing to invest in yourself, both in and outside of  the group coaching program
  • You are comfortable and patient in waiting for opportunity
  • You are looking for a sign that this is the right move, knowing this is what you have been praying for
  • You are “window shopping” for coaches and are not in need of immediate support
  • You need someone else’s permission to make financial decisions or pivot in YOUR career
  • You have minimal leadership experience
  • You are scared, skeptical, or are otherwise ill-equipped to get the results and life you want

Aletha Champine

Keller Williams Realty

We are in control of our taxes, emotions, and money. Building up others is building up ourselves.

One Final Word

Coaching programs are many things, but most of all they are an investment of both time and resources. I remind clients, that you can not change the people around you, only your response to them--- use your voice to begin.

So my question to you, if you hate your job, are you ready for a change? What would life look like if you had clarity and a strategic career plan, one that could take you all the way to the C-Suite?! How might your daily life change, if you were actually receiving your salary potential? What would it do for your mind to awake charged and ready to work and have a career and life you love? Guess what Sis, it's all possible.

Let's Do It!